3 Furniture Makers You Should Know

3 Furniture Makers You Should Know

Howdy. Welcome to week two of Camp Notes. Let’s keep it simple. Below you will find three exceptionally talented furniture makers. These are real people building real furniture, and we’re in awe of them everyday. Support your local woodshop, you won’t regret it.


1. West of Noble - Los Angeles, CA - westofnoble.com

If we were decorating a beach house West of Noble would be our first call. Everything that comes out of this shop is just effortlessly cool. Shown above is the East End Trestle Table.


2. Oxford Street Furniture - Philadelphia, PA / Austin, TX - oxfordstreetfurniture.com

In their own words, “Oxford Street Furniture offers small volume, high end luxury furniture with a playful, irreverent approach to design. Pretention in general is a pet peeve, so I always appreciate when things (and people) don't take themselves too seriously.” That’s our kind of makers. Featured above is their awesome Camila Mirror.


3. Sawkille Co. - Rhinebeck, NY - Sawkille.com

I stumbled upon Sawkille’s showroom in the quaint Hudson Valley town of Rhinebeck, NY, and I have been dying to go back ever since. Sawkille always seems to be doing something new, and they are a constant source of inspiration.


Take it easy. Have a great weekend,


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